Specialist Physician and Rheumatologist

Dr. Robert Cooper specializes in Rheumatology and Arthritis. He is an experienced Specialist Physician based in the Western Cape at the state of the art Mediclinic in Stellenbosch.

Dr Robert Cooper Rheumatologist Cape Town

About Dr. Robert Cooper

Dr Robert Cooper is a Rheumatologist and Specialist Physician based in the Western Cape, Stellenbosch at the Stellenbosch Mediclinic.

Dr Cooper’s passion for people and his deep commitment to providing extraordinary care, together with his skills and expertise in the field of Rheumatology has earned him a reputation for excellence. His attention to detail makes him a fine diagnostician. He provides every patient with an individualised treatment plan and strives to achieve restoration of wellness and the best possible quality of life for every patient.


Important notice to all patients:

Dear Clients/ Patients: In view of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the declared national state of disaster, and pending healthcare crisis, we are making every effort to fight the pandemic and protect our patients and visitors. This will, naturally, impact on routine patient appointments and our day-to-day running of the practice, including our ability to deal with the enormous amount of telephonic queries. All existing appointments will remain, unless patients are contacted in advance by our practice of alternative arrangements. We would like, at all costs, to prevent any unnecessary risk of potentially exposing the community/ our patients to COVID-19 by replacing face-to-face appointments with telephonic or “virtual” consultations, where possible. Virtual consultations are appropriate with patients who have an established relationship with the healthcare practitioner, and for follow-up consultations only – as per HPCSA guidelines. For valuable resources answering most questions relating to COVID-19, please click on our “Resources” page. We will strive to attend to all patient queries during office hours by means of e-mail. Please contact us at info@drrobertcooper.co.za for any such queries. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we need to take all necessary steps during this very brief and critical window of opportunity to reduce the impact of the pandemic on our society by enforcing social distancing and following international recommendations for healthcare facilities. We thank you for your understanding.