Rheumatology Resources

Rheumatology Resources

Rheumatology Resources

Rheumatologist Dr Cooper has put together some general and specific information as well as leaflets about Arthritis and Rheumatology.

The given links and leaflet downloads shall help you to gain more in depth and important background knowledge. The information shall enable you get a better understanding of the nature and treatment of rheumatic diseases in children and adults.

These external links are provided for the benefit of visitors to this site. Dr Robert Cooper is not responsible for the content of these sites, nor does he endorse or guarantee the information, services and products described or offered at these sites.

COVID-19 Resource Links

For patients with rheumatic diseases specifically:

SARAA – South African Rheumatism Arthritis Association

JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE (includes video) – In this video, Laura Hummers, the clinical director of Johns Hopkins Rheumatology, and Vicky Ruffing, Director of Patient Education, answer some of your most pressing questions about how this outbreak could affect rheumatic patients.

EULAR – The European League Against Rheumatism

General, reliable, up-to-date COVID-19 resources:

MEDICLINC South Africa – COVID-19 portal

NICD – The National Institute for Communicable Diseases South Africa

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Excellent overall advice and information

American College of Rheumatology

Click on “Patient information” for information on common rheumatic diseases and treatments and also to view educational videos.

The Arthritis Foundation of South Africa

Informational and helpful pamphlets are available for download and a selection of informative videos can be watched. Contact details are available for the Arthritis Foundation, who provides support for arthritis patients, caregivers and families.

Rheuminfo: Rheumatology and Arthritis Information

This website contains valuable tools and educational resources on a wide range of rheumatological diseases as well as various forms of treatment.

Arthritis Foundation: Diet for Rheuma and Arthritis patients

Nutritional  tips that can help to ease symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Arthritis Research UK

Arthritis and exercise

Because arthritis is causing pain, you may not want to move. However weaken your muscles and increase stiffness. It’s important to keep your joints moving and your muscles strong. If you’re worried about exercising, speak to your doctor. He can recommend suitable activities or refer you to a physiotherapist if needed.

Understanding Arthritis leafletUnderstanding Arthritis Leaflet

Everybody has heard of arthritis, yet few people actually
know much about it. Arthritis affects millions of people all over the world – people of all ages can get it. There is much you can do to help yourself and live a better quality of life.

Learn more about Arthritis.


Gout has been known since before the days of Christ. As far backInformation about Gout
as the 18th century a famous doctor wrote that “more rich than poor, more wise than fools” seemed to be affected, and that “kings and potentate, generals of armies and admirals of fleets, philosophers and many others such as these” were common victims.
Find out more about Gout.

Arthritis medicationArthritis medication

Read about which medication is used in Arthritis treatment.


Arthritis in childrenArthritis in Children. How can they be helped.

Parents are frequently surprised to know that children can get
They are also often told that there is very little which can be done, butthis is untrue as these days a great deal of help is available. Learn More …

OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis information

Osteoarthritis is a disease which affects joints in the body. The surface of the joint is damaged and the surrounding bone grows thicker. ‘Osteo’ means bone and ‘arthritis’ means joint damage and swelling (inflammation). Other words used to describe osteoarthritis are ‘osteoarthrosis’, ‘arthrosis’ and ‘degenerative joint disease’.
Find out more about Osteoarthritis.